18 Weeks

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How far along?  18 weeks
Total weight gain:   no idea! scales are the devil
Maternity clothes?   I've been rocking a few H&M maternity t's, maternity leggings & jeans, & got some Bella Bands! It's all just more comfy that my regular clothes, especially for work
Stretch marks?  Not yet!  Buying some Vitamin E or Cocoa Butter to just make me feel like I'm doing something to prevent them!
Best moment this week:   Got a bunch of awesome stuff on sale last weekend for the baby! Oh and lil one has been moving like crazy all week! 
Miss Anything?   Coffee & wine mostly
Movement?  Definitely! He or she likes to do karate chops already & the other day I almost thought I felt some steady kicking outside of my belly but who really knows! 
Food cravings:   Grapes, BBQ sauce & bagels with strawberry cream cheese
Anything making you queasy or sick:   nope! 
Starting to show yet? Absolutely! 
Gender:   Still don't know! We have 12 days until my appointment! Let's hope lil one decides to cooperate so we can tell!! 
Labor Signs:   NO! And I hope I don't have any for a long time! 
Symptoms:   Sleeping has become more difficult but that's mostly it! Got most of my energy back! No more mid-day naps! 
Belly Button in or out?   In
Wedding rings on or off?   On
Happy or Moody most of the time:   Mostly happy! I only get moody when I am really tired so I nap & I'm better! 
Looking forward to:  My next ultrasound & finding out if we're having a lil boy or a lil girl! 

We got a bunch of stuff this last week for the baby! We couldn't help it - the BX had crazy Labor Day sales & lots of baby stuff was around 50% off! We bought an awesome carseat & a super cool video baby monitor! We also ordered our crib! The selection here for American style stuff is very slim so we had to order it from online & have it sent to the store here for us to pick up! But its super cute & I can't wait for it to come so we can put it together! Not to mention I got the package from my mom with my Bella Bands in it & adorable onesies from my sister!! 

Our new car seat! 

Sweet video monitors 

Onesies from my awesome lil sister! 

I scheduled my appointment for my next ultrasound & couldn't be more excited! Only downfall is Greg will be in the field, which, I know, is only 45 minutes or so away. Hopefully he will be able to break away for a few hours to meet me for the appointment! I'd hate for him to miss the second of only 2 ultrasounds I get! I will probably reschedule if he can't be there, but that means waiting longer to find out the sex! Decisions, decisions! ha 

It started to cool down the other day & I got pretty excited! I cannot wait for fall & everything that comes with it - leaves changing color, cool weather, fall wardrobe, holidays & delicious food consisting of tons of pumpkin everywhere! Just wish we had Starbucks here so I could get a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Let's pray for this country's sake that the cafe on base has pumpkin flavoring or I WILL go crazy!! 

But for now, I will just cuddle up on the couch with my blanket, husband & puppies & watch a movie! I love days off & getting to spend plenty of time with my little family! 

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