39 weeks & Nesting Craziness!

11:51 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I can't believe how time has flown... 

How far along?  39 weeks
Total weight gain:   about 30 pounds 
Maternity clothes?   Oh yeah!  I haven't worn regular clothes in months! - I JUST realized that the majority of pictures I take for this I have on the same shirt! At least its been versatile this whole pregnancy! ha
Stretch marks?  Not yet & hopefully never! Still keeping my fingers crossed! 
Sleep? More please! ha Exhausted easily & sleep isn't the same! Lots of tossing & turning! 
Best moment this week:   Getting my breastpump & glider to finish up his room! 
Miss Anything?   Wine & having lots of energy! 
Movement?  Yes! A little less now that he's running out of room! 
Food cravings:   Nothing outrageous really! 
Anything making you queasy or sick:   nope! 
Starting to show yet? Absolutely! 
Gender:   BOY!! 
Labor Signs:  Only really Braxton Hicks contractions! They are stronger now & happening more frequently, but not at a constant interval yet
Symptoms:   Heartburn & big belly making it harder to get around! 
Belly Button in or out?   In
Wedding rings on or off?   On
Happy or Moody most of the time:   Happy! 
Looking forward to:  My appointment this week & finding out if I've made any progress to be closer to labor! 

Our new glider! 
Our new 

His dresser & little swing

Changing table & "closet" 

His crib with monkey decor & name! 

Our bags are [mostly] packed & waiting for him to decide it's time to come out! 

We finally have the last bit of big stuff to round out his nursery, finally finding a glider someone was selling! I went a little crazy on the house last weekend & then had some help from Greg today cleaning a bunch of the house as well! It was mostly spare rooms that don't matter, but they were cluttered & full of nonsense that has been cleared out &/or straightened! 

We also go a new couch so we did some rearranging in the living room today to make it not so crowded with our giant old couch & new couch! If you're wondering, it's the blue couch behind me in the belly picture above! 

But this pregnancy is coming to a close! With only a week left until my due date, I am done with work, ready to relax & anxious to get things going to have him make his grand appearance! I cannot wait to meet & hold him, see his little face, get to know his personality & see the impact he has on our family! Little man - we are more than ready for you! 

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of our little guy! <3