37 weeks!

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How far along?  37 weeks
Total weight gain:   about 28 pounds
Maternity clothes?   Oh yeah!  I haven't worn regular clothes in months! 
Stretch marks?  Not yet & hopefully never! Still keeping my fingers crossed! 
Sleep? More please! ha Exhausted easily & sleep isn't the same! Lots of tossing & turning! 
Best moment this week:   Getting his little clothes folded & put away! 
Miss Anything?   Being comfortable, not being tired all the time
Movement?  Yes all the time! He is using my bladder as a pillow almost constantly! 
Food cravings:   Nothing outrageous really! 
Anything making you queasy or sick:   nope! 
Starting to show yet? Absolutely! 
Gender:   BOY!! 
Labor Signs:  Only really Braxton Hicks contractions! They are stronger now & happening more frequently, but not at a constant interval yet
Symptoms:   Heartburn & big belly making it harder to get around! 
Belly Button in or out?   In
Wedding rings on or off?   On
Happy or Moody most of the time:   Happy! 
Looking forward to:  My appointment this week & being on half days at work! Excited to get some time to relax & get stuff done! 

Can't believe I finally made it to full term! I know I still have 3 weeks until my due date, but knowing he could come at any time now makes me excited & anxious! I cannot wait to meet him & see his little face for the first time! 

Got the hospital bags [almost] packed! Have a nice long list of stuff that still needs thrown in but the majority of stuff is in! Went a little nesting crazy on the house this weekend, wanting everything in its place & cleaned, which is kinda my normal on crack! Ha poor Greg! But I think everything is basically ready for when he decides to show up! 

Well Greg is off watching football with some friends, so I have enjoyed a relaxing night including a bubble bath by candlelight, accepted the challenge of painting my toenails [& succeeded], watching a movie & writing all of this! Now I shall fall asleep or scrapbook some! We'll see how long this preggo can stay awake! Until next time... 

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