New Year, New Adventures!

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HELLO 2013!!

We rang in the new year with some great friends & watched lots of fireworks! Germans sure do love fireworks! We stood on the front porch of our friends' house & had fireworks to view in every direction, including right on the street & directly above us!

Ah! A new year to start new things in our lives! 2012 was a great year with lots of changes for us:

1. We moved across the ocean to Germany! This has been a huge life-changing experience! Adjusting to a completely different culture 1000s of miles from family has been tough, but we've done a pretty good job so far!

2. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We decided to keep it simple since we'd just gotten to Germany so we explored the Landstuhl Castle & got some awesome pictures of the beautiful view overlooking the KMC!

3. Found out we were expecting our first little one! As if the craziness of moving to a new country wasn't enough - just a few months later we found out I was pregnant & we would be having a baby! It's been an exciting 8 months of dreaming & planning what is to come that I can't believe it's almost time for him to make his appearance!

4. Greg went to ALS - Oh what a stressful time that was for him. It challenged him mentally & physically but of course he came out on top & did awesome! His graduation was just a few weeks ago & I couldn't be more proud! When he goes back to work tomorrow, he will be SSgt Greathouse!

2012 has been a big year & I can only suspect that 2013 will top it! Just about a month & a half until our little guy is to make his appearance! We will get to experience & celebrate all of the holidays with a new perspective! Things are no longer about us, but our little one! Greg starts working after his promotion & will surely have plenty of new duties & responsibilities to excel at! Hopefully some awesome Euro trips in the near future - hey, France isn't even an hour away!

I will leave you with a weekly belly bump update!

How far along?  34 weeks
Total weight gain:   about 20 pounds
Maternity clothes?   Oh yeah!  Jeans, tees, & tanks with cardigans! 
Stretch marks?  Not yet & hopefully never! Still keeping my fingers crossed! 
Sleep? Eh! Each night is different - some nights uncomfortable & others very sound! 
Best moment this week:   Getting the changing table put together & buying the dresser! Oh & my awesome German baby shower thanks to my friend Megan & the lovely ladies who came!
Miss Anything?   Wine & Amaretto Sours, & having energy to do lots of things! 
Movement?  Yes all the time! He's an active little baby! Keeps shifting & kicking my ribs! 
Food cravings:   Nothing outrageous really! 
Anything making you queasy or sick:   nope! 
Starting to show yet? Absolutely! 
Gender:   BOY!! 
Labor Signs:   Uh some Braxton Hicks, but nothing serious yet! Still have about 5 weeks until these should really show up! 
Symptoms:   Heartburn & big belly making it harder to get around! 
Belly Button in or out?   In
Wedding rings on or off?   On
Happy or Moody most of the time:   Happy! 
Looking forward to:  My next appointment next week! We should be touring Labor & Delivery! Plus putting the dresser together & washing his clothes to put away! 

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  1. :) I love reading these posts. You are so brave going through all your new and exciting changes this year. I still cannot believe you are so far away! You are all belly as I suspected you would be Mrs. Teeny Tiny. I am so excited for you still <3