4 Months

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Greyson is 4 months old already! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday he was this fragile, new baby who just wanted to cuddle with mommy all day & nothing else mattered in the world. Now he has his feet & toys & everything around him to explore! Him growing is bittersweet - I love seeing his eyes light up when he sees something he wants or likes, but miss the days when he was a newborn.

4 Months Old
Weight: 11 lb 5 oz
Height: 24.7 inches

My little big guy is finally growing! This journey hasn't been what I imagined! All the babies around his age seemed to be growing so much faster, leaving him in the shadows. My mommy instinct told me something was off, but everyone was trying to reassure me that he was fine. "He looks healthy, he's just small..." or "It's normal for babies to slow down in weight gain when they start being a little more active.."

His weight plateaued for about 3 weeks and then he actually lost a bit of weight leading us to discover he had a tongue tie! The executive, and very tough, decision was made to get it fixed. It was a frenulum clip - basically feels like an ear piercing for him. No anesthesia or anything. I swear it was more traumatizing for me than him! Since that, he has been nursing better & putting on the weight he failed to gain before! 

Aside from his weight concerns, he is such a happy, curious, smart baby! He loves to smile and laugh! Daddy gives him raspberries on his belly & he gets all giddy. He "talks" to all of his toys & can frequently be heard laughing in his Pack n play. 

Playing with daddy

He is also in the early stages of teething - yay! ha So everything he can get his hands on goes straight into his mouth & he just chomps down! Anything that gets into his line of sight causes his eyes to light up & his hands to shoot out wanting to grab! My favorites so far have been my Starbucks tumbler and daddy's spoon! 

Sitting up like a big boy & of course chewing on something! 

He was mesmerized by the spoon & freaked out when we took it away! 

Another favorite thing of his recently is playing with his blanket. He will wiggle to get to one near him and always covers himself and tries to do a peak-a-boo type thing! Its actually sort of become part of bedtime. We put him in his crib with some white noise, hand him his blanket & he usually turns on his side & goes to sleep. Its adorable! 

Peak-a-boo mom! :) 

Well Greyson got 3 more shots & an oral vaccine today so he is a little off. Plus its an overcast, rainy, stay inside & cuddle kinda day. Since my little monster man just got up from his nap, I'm gonna go cuddle him & enjoy this cooler weather! 

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  1. I love these blogs keep them up. It helps me because I feel that I am at least some what getting to see him grow up