5 Months!

11:57 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Whoa! Greyson is 5 months old now! Man has time flown by & life changed in such a short time!

Weight: 12 lb 5.5 oz

Greyson is FINALLY able to fit in 6 month clothes without swimming in them! He's had some troubles but we have things under control. We have such an amazing support system & couldn't do it without each & every person involved who has given us advice or just been there to listen. 

Greyson is growing so quickly & doing & seeing so many new things. He is so interested in EVERYTHING! I love just sitting back and watching him explore things - the way he studies so intently anything he encounters. 

Checking out the grass, which he loved of course

Jump, jump! He loves this thing! He will walk in it until he can't go further, pick up hit feet & let himself swing back! He could play in this forever & just chats up a storm! 

Exploring his toy! So many pieces on it & he has to inspect each part

Recently realized how fun doing lizard tongue is! He makes bubble, silly noises & sticks his tongue so far out! 

He started on the mat & made his way to the middle of the floor, when I took the picture. He rolls & kinda scoots, though its more of a wiggle! 

He also decided he loves sleeping on his belly! He almost always rolls onto his belly either right after we lay him down or in his sleep

Rolly Polly! We have to watch him so much closer now since he will roll on anything! 

Bedtime stories with daddy. Started doing this as part of our bedtime routine. He usually spends the whole story trying to eat the book, but he likes mommy or daddy reading to him

He had his first experience in water, other than his bathtub. We went to a lake here in Germany, Bostalsee, and he seemed to enjoy it once it warmed up a bit! 

He LOVES to look at himself. Mirrors, iPads, pictures.. you name it, he loves it! Its adorable! 

I am so blessed to be able to stay home with him and give him all of these difference experiences & help him grow & develop. He is such an amazing baby! Sometimes I cannot believe how we got so lucky with him. Being a mom is the best thing I've done in my life. Watching his personality shine is just the greatest!  As usual, I'm now off to play & snuggle with my handsome lil guy!