1 Month of Olivia

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Weight: 8.1 lbs
Length: 21ish inches

This adorable beauty is one month old today! It seriously feels like yesterday that she arrived in this world like a girl on a mission! 
Olivia has been both similar & different than Greyson already in her first month. She likes to be held & is  most comfortable hanging out in our arms. She liked the Moby wrap & how it keeps her snuggled up with me. At the same time, she sleeps so well in her Rock n Play & her Mamaroo! 
She easily sleeps 4-5 hour stretches which just baffles me! She will wake up once or twice to eat throughout the night & go right back to sleep. 

The benefit to being experienced this time around is breastfeeding is going much better! We've had her tongue triple checked by various doctors to make sure she isn't tongue tied - luckily she isn't! She is such a rockstar! 

She is quickly outgrowing her clothes & it is making me sad! She can still [barely] fit into her newborn size stuff, but it's getting tighter each day. She is wearing 3 month clothes a lot of the time. I am so excited for a wave of warmer weather because she has a bunch of 3 month clothes I am anxious for her to wear. 

Olivia does not like having her diaper changed. Like, at all! And the only thing we've found she likes even less is getting a bath! She has had a few & just screams her poor little head off! 
She makes the cutest little duckface & has the sweetest baby smiles. She loves whenever anyone talks to her, especially when Greyson is reading his books. She is always fascinated by him when he's around. She gives me the best smiles when I tell her how I am going to do her hair when she is bigger & actually has hair! 
It's hard to accept how quickly time is already going & how much she has already changed in the first month. I know she is only going to keep growing. I'm excited for what's to come! 

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