Newborn Favorites

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We are just over a month into having 2 kids & let me say - it is a fun little ride! Every day is a new adventure & I can honestly say these 2 are keeping us on our toes. 
I thought I would put together a little list of the things that have helped us, well mostly me, keep the sanity! 

Moccasins - I bought a newborn bundle from Freshly Picked that came with all sorts of goodies, including adorable little moccasins. No surprise that I love these. I've been obsessed for awhile. But these are so easy to get on & off of a little baby.

Nursing Scarf - I got one of these from a friend & it's been used so much already. Perfect to add to an outfit & is useful. We are frequently on the go & this is a more discrete way to cover up while nursing in public.

Milkie Milk Saver - this little gem has been one of the best things I've used thus far! I bought it with Greyson & luckily thought to pull it out early. I leak a ton while nursing & this catches it all. Not only does that help so I'm not covered in milk constantly, but I've been able to save a ton of milk to freeze for when Olivia heads to daycare!

Moby Wrap - with a very energetic toddler running about, I definitely knew I needed a way to have my hands free. The wrap helps keep her close & snug while letting me chase & help Greyson so much easier

Mamaroo - I cannot say enough great things about this! It came recommended by several people & I am glad I listened. The shape cradles her nicely so she feels so secure. The motions are so much like the way we move so it helps keep her comfortable & asleep. Plus I love the white noise feature on it because we found out quickly how much babies love white noise!

Rock n Play Sleeper - this thing is so great for bedtime. Greyson slept in this for 4 months & now Olivia will do the same. It's small so it fits next to our bed perfectly & it lightweight so it's easy to move around.

I am always on the lookout for more things to help make life with kids easier. It's such a learning process. It seems to slowly be getting better. They are so much alike & yet very different in many ways. It's always fun to watch your babies grow & become a little person!

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  1. That milk saver things looks pretty neat. I leaked all over the place with Aria.