Easter 2016

12:11 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

We had a very low key Easter this year! We had been enjoying such nice weather & then BAM! Snow! So my plans for a fun egg hunt in our yard disappeared. But we had some cute little baskets to enjoy! 
They were simple baskets. We aren't ones to go over the top for gifts, especially Easter. 
Greyson got some fun socks, a Minion play pack with some crayons & coveted stickers, a color your own Olaf puzzle, 2 new books, a light saber bubble wand & a bunny cup! 
Olivia got some adorable headbands, 2 new books, a bunny cup, & an elephant baby chew toy. She can't use a lot of hers for awhile but it was too cute to pass up! 

Since we got lots of snow the weekend of Easter, everything was cancelled or postponed. So the following weekend, we headed to base so Grey could do the base egg hunt! A bunch of his little friends from school were there so he was pretty excited! 
It was just a blocked off area in the park with eggs scattered around but he had fun! He started running when they first said go & didnt pick any eggs up at first. He got about a dozen eggs & the excitement was so much in his little eyes! 
We found a spot on a bench so he could check out his goods! The kept telling us "this is candy!" But always put it back in the egg. He only actually asked to eat one piece, which he took maybe 2 small bites of before returning it to its egg as well. 
And what egg hunt is complete without a picture with the Easter bunny! He was unsure at first but then ran right up for a hug & to touch his hard nose. 

It was a fun afternoon we got to spend as a family! Olivia slept the whole time but that's okay! It's what babies do! 
I can't wait for next year when she is old enough too to do the egg hunt & see the excitement in both of their eyes! Holidays with kids is infinitely more fun!