Greyson// Soccer

12:46 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I have been waiting for the day that Greyson was old enough to start playing sports! He is so active & loves when we play sports around the house. A good friend told us about the sports program for youths on base & that they start at 3 years old! So we signed him up to play soccer this Spring! 
Last Friday was his first "practice." It's basically just skill building at this age & no games. But he got shin guards & a new soccer shirt for his team. 
The excitement was real, until he fell in the parking lot before practice even started & scraped his knee. He spent the first 20 minutes obsessing over his "owie" until a bandaid (that you would've thought was killing him) & an apple sauce pouch made it better. He got over it & realized he could run around & kick balls. 
He was just the cutest! The parents were cheering on the kids to get them excited & keep them interested in their stations. & of course Greyson copies everything adults do so he started cheering on the other kids every time they went up to kick the ball. It just made my heart so happy! 
And can't forget his little cheerleader! She hung out in her stroller while we helped Greyson until it was time to eat! She likes being outside so she was pretty content all snuggled up in her stroller watching the world. 
He ran around so much & expelled so much energy that he was passed out in the car when we pulled into the garage. All in all, I'd day it was a success! He loved it & we loved watching him have fun. Each week they increase the difficulty a bit so that the kids are challenged & learn more over time. I'm sure he will be excited when Friday rolls around & we get to do it again!