5 Signs You're A Toddler Mom

8:02 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Ah the life of a toddler! They rule the world, or so they think, and have a unique way of keeping everyone around them on their toes! 

As I was looking around our house & watching Greyson play, I realized some silly signs that tell the world you're a mom to a toddler without having to tell them! 

You could singlehandedly keep Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish crackers in business. A toddler can be seen eating them at any time of the day, occasionally straight from the bag. And the telltale orange crumbs can be found in the most random of places, ever! Oh & eating can easily warrant several bath times a day & there is constant need to protect your stuff from the gooiest food on the planet. 

You can recite the entirety of every children's book you own at any given time from memory, because you've read it that many times! One fish, two fish, green eggs, the cat in the hat. Oh Dr. Seuss.. 

Your kid wants you to do random things over & over & over.. Like those sunglasses he wanted on? 4 seconds later he takes them off for you to put back on. Same with his socks. Or covering him with his blanket. Or, you get the point. 

Anything in your house can be made into a toy & be used in ways you never imagined your toddler could imagine! In our house, scooters go in laundry baskets & everything is a phone. 

Your every move will be copied, down to the tee. If you say it, expect it to be repeated. And somehow toddlers just know the funniest things to copy & repeat! Favorites from Greyson include: "Greg bring down some socks!" and "Balls.. Baby balls!" when he was warned to watch them climbing out of the tub. 

And extra one! No matter how many crazy days you have, you know you wouldn't change a single thing! Having a toddler is the most fun, exhausting, frustrating, loving, rewarding thing I've ever experienced. 

So those are my random thoughts of today! 
What's your favorite thing about having a toddler?!