Our Days Are Numbered

8:05 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Oh man are things about to get really hectic around here! 

We finally got our orders and all of the dates figured out related to our move. We have 11 days left with our stuff that we won't get to see for months & 16 days with our car. We have to live in our empty house with a toddler for a week before Grey & I head back stateside. And then my husband has to live here for another week with the dogs before he gets to stay in temporary housing. 
This should be interesting to say the least! 

I have a thousand things on my mind and a mile long ToDo list that never seems like it will end. 

In the midst of the craziness, I am starting to see how close we are actually getting to our days as a stay-at-home mom & toddler duo coming to an end. 
Lunch won't be the same without this silly boy insisting he sits on my lap to eat his grilled cheese. Or how my days won't be filled with Dr Suess & alphabet toys. Going to the park will become an evening or weekend affair, instead of during the day to burn off energy. 
honestly never imagined I'd have the opportunity in my life to be a stay at home mom. It's been a crazy, exhausting, rewarding 2 years that I would never trade for anything. I'm going to miss all of those little things we do every day that I know I won't be there for when I start working & my Masters program. I do hope to manage to make my schedule open enough that I can spend as much of my time with him & continue to cherish every moment!