It's The Little Things// Cars, Trucks & Trains, Oh My!

12:08 PM Amanda Greathouse 1 Comments

We have cars on trucks on trains and so much more around here! If it has wheels, it's awesome in Greyson's book these days. Whether big or small, if it moves & has wheels, he has to have it in his hands 24/7.
I rarely leave the house anymore without at least 2 matchbox cars on me because when things get crazy, they can instantly calm him down. Of course, he has his favorites & wants to always keep them in his pockets, since we showed them that they fit perfectly.
 He is so obsessed that he can point out many kinds of construction vehicles every time we see one, which is often since we live in a new development & they're building new houses in the lots behind ours. So our breakfast conversations go a little like this: "Mommy! Look at that digger! He's in the dirt! Where's bulldoze'?"
Oh & can't forget about cars. He has to touch every car we walk past in a parking lot & knows probably 5 or so car brands just by looking at them!
Needless to say, he is a full-on boy loves trucks kind of guy. He has some more coming his way when Christmas arrives & we just know he is going to love them.

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  1. a boy and his transportation toys! Cute that you have little cars with out always.