It's A...

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So the moment we've been waiting to share is finally here with adorable pictures!

It's a Girl! Yep, baby Greathouse #2 is a girl! Found out at my appointment on Tuesday & anxiously had to keep the secret until I could tell Greg since he wasn't able to make the appointment with me. That didn't stop me from buying an adorable set of onesies at Target upon leaving the doctor's office!

So happy she cooperated this time around! I have had a feeling for awhile, as have Greg & many family members! It hasn't quite set in yet I don't think! I am beyond excited, but all I've known is little boys recently so it's almost weird to know for sure that this little one is a girl & things are going to be so crazy!

She doesn't yet have a name! We have a list in progress of ones we like, but decided not to work too hard narrowing down until we found out. So now we have our work cut out for her! I do know, we won't be sharing the name until little miss is born! So stay tuned!
I love both of these pictures so couldn't help sharing both of them! My friend Brooke is such a good photographer! She captured the announcement just as I imagined!

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  1. It's a Girl!!! She will be a perfect little Princess :) Congratulations dear!!!