Halloween Countdown - Part 3

4:14 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

The final leg of the countdown to Halloween is here! I cannot believe it is over already & it is November! I can't complain too much - I love the holiday season & all the goodness coming very soon!
We went to Boo at the Zoo at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this year! It's not a thing they do in Germany so we've never been able to go & since daddy was going to miss legit trick or treat, we had to go! So we got Greyson all ready & despite his unamused look, he loved being Batman!
He loves his pumpkin bucket & was so thrilled to carry it around. He said "Trick or treat" to everyone at the tables & was very grateful for every piece of candy.
And of course one of his showing his muscles, like daddy taught him to do before we went!
And in case you needed validation that toddlers are awesome, Greyson & his little friend Hunter who joined us rocked out when we were all done & got a little crazy with their muscle showing!
And of course, we rounded out October with Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. We joined our friends & their group of friends with 8+ kids and ventured up & down the streets gathering candy. Greyson was so excited to wear his costume again & excitedly went up to every house. 

He kept up his "trick or treat" saying skills & was so polite with his "Thank you... Hap'a Hal'weeeen!" once leaving every house. And he felt the need to check out his loot after every single house. It took a lot for me to get him to leave each house, but the promise of more trick or treat worked!