Zoo Lights

4:38 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

This past weekend, we decided it would be fun to check out the Zoo Lights at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! They call theirs Electric Safari, but it was fun no matter what it was called! 
The zoo is situated in a very wealthy area of the Springs, so of course lots of the houses were decked out in Christmas lights. Every house we saw that was lit up Griswold-style, & trust me there were tons, Greyson gasped & was just mesmerized! It was really the first year we've lived somewhere with Christmas lights like this so he thought it was awesome! 
We met some friends at the zoo & were ready for some fun, even if only slightly dressed appropriately! We of course chose to go the day after the temperature dropped 30 degrees & we got a bunch of snow. But, hey! It was festive! 
The kids enjoyed seeing the few exhibits that were still open during the event. The giraffes & the elephants were the biggest hits! And of course no trip is complete without a pit stop for some drinks & pictures! The zoo even had little fire pits all around for everyone to stop at along the way to warm up. Greyson kept telling us about the fires & how hot they are. Greg even showed him how to stand close & safely warm his hands! 
And because the fire house Santa attempt failed terribly, we tried again with the zoo Santa! He was fantastic for starts! He seemed to much like Santa it wasn't funny! Greyson was a little unsure still, but we convinced him to sit on his lap & take some pictures. He wouldn't share his name or tell him what he wanted for Christmas, but he made sure to ask nicely for a candy cane! 
Such a fun event! I've been dying to go to a zoo lights for years but they aren't something German zoos did & we haven't been stateside for the holidays in so long that this year was our first chance. The lights were fun to see & we always have a good time at the zoo. Plus nothing compares to seeing the magic of the holiday through a toddler's eyes! Everything is amazing & full of wonder! 

Excited to almost be done with my class so we can jump into full Christmas festivities over here! One more day!