37 Weeks Pregnant Random Thoughts

10:27 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Here are thoughts I have on an almost daily basis...

How can my belly possibly get any bigger? 

It's 1 am.. Do I really need to pee? No, I need sleep... Kidding! Must pee now! 

One, two, three roll over! Ahh still not comfy. Damn 

Didn't I just pee?! 

My feet are so far down there. I wonder if I can just manage not tying my shoes today 

What can I eat that won't give me heartburn? Oh yeah, Rolaids.. 

I have so much to do. Better check on the nursery just in case there's something that needs done there first 

Leggings count as real pants, right? 

This baby better come out with as much hair as Chewbacca 

Hey! I stayed awake until 8:Zzzzzzz...

I can't wait for her to be here! I wonder what she'll be like!? 

Greyson will be a good big brother. Even if he wants to name her Batman & says she's a baby brother 

We love her already!