Greyson's 3rd Birthday Party

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This weekend, we celebrated Greyson's 3rd birthday! We had a little party at our house to keep it simple. Because honestly, I don't have the most energy these days to put into anything tooo crazy! 
We did a Pete the Cat theme because Greyson is obsessed with the books! I mean he has several of them completely memorized & has to read them over & over! So it was the perfect theme for his party! 
We invited some friends we hang out/play with on our own & a few little friends that he has made at school. It was a cute little group of 2-4 year olds for sure! 
Because Greyson has so many of the books, I decided to use them as decorations! I checked a few extras out at the library so we had even more! 
And of course there was food! I went with a mixture of finger foods & healthy fruits to keep everything simple. Plus I drew a little inspiration from the books - in Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, he walks through strawberries, blueberries & mud so of course it played perfectly into the food selection! 
We even found some Pete the Cat videos on YouTube that read & sing through the books. The books at school have a CD with them that have the songs so he was crazy about the videos! It was a good little touch! 
And of course can't forget this! Greg drew it himself on the chalkboard for the gift table. It looks so much like the Pete in the books. Perfect touch to add & of course Greyson was excited about his Pete the Cat! 
Birthday cake time was my favorite! He was with us when we got the cake & was upset he didn't get to eat it then. So he was thrilled when we finally got it out & everyone sang to him. He even tried super hard to blow out the candles [which worked with a little help from daddy]. 
It was such a fun afternoon! Greyson had a blast playing with his friends, getting some new toys, & just being loved by so many people. 
Birthdays are some of my favorite days! I think everyone should feel extra special on their birthday so we always make sure to do as much as we can for him every year.  

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  1. That is such a fun theme, I love it! Aria loves Pete. I think my fave is the white shoe one. The song is fun =) Aria had a hard time blowing out her 3rd bday candles too, I even just posted the vid on the blog. So funny because she blows out the candles all the time. Birthday candles are just harder I guess.