Final Stretch// 39 weeks

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So we're in the final stretch of this pregnancy! It has somehow gone by quickly & slowly all at the same time. I sort of feel like it has snuck up on us & yet every day seems to drag on, making it seem like the actual day is never going to be here. 
But here we are! 39 weeks & 2 days! Beyond ready to meet our little girl. Everything is ready - nursery good to go, car seat installed, bags packed & living in the car. Greg is sure everytime I leave the house I'm going to go into labor & frequently tries to convince me not to leave. 

Had a growth scan a couple of weeks ago just to make sure everything was looking good - and it was! It was cool because I didn't get anything similar with Greyson so I went from 18 weeks until he was born not seeing him on an ultrasound. So to get to see her hanging out just 2 weeks ago made me even more excited to meet her! 
I keep wondering what she will look like. Greyson was born looking exactly like Greg but shifted to looking more like me as he grew. I can't help but think she has a similar profile as Greyson when he was born. Either way - I'm sure she's going to be adorable & we will know shortly! 

Greyson is gearing up to be a big brother too! He's practicing carrying his baby doll on his shoulders & making coffee with the new toy coffee maker he got for his birthday. Clearly it's training to learn how to make mommy coffee! He's got the whole "creamer with a little coffee" thing down already when he makes my pretend coffee! 

So we shall try to rest, relax & enjoy this last bit of time as a family of 3! And anxiously await our Little Miss whenever she decides to make her arrival! 

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  1. haha creamer with a little coffee. Love it. Aria and I have peppermint mocha parties instead of tea parties because I don't like tea. Kids are the best =) That is sweet that your husband doesn't want you to leave. Any moment!!!