Hospital Bags

5:49 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

With Little Miss being our second baby, I have a little better of an idea of what to pack to head to the hospital. I sort of guessed the first time around with Greyson & ended up taking a bunch of stuff that I didn't touch. Minimization is my key this time around.
And of course this time, we have Greyson to think about as well. We will have someone in place [hopefully before I go into labor] to watch him or get him to/from school when we're in the hospital. But I hadn't thought much about how it will work if I go into labor in the middle of the night, like I did with him. My mom gave me a great idea - have a little bag packed for him as well!

For Baby: 
- 2 outfits - one NB size & one 0-3 months
- cute headband 
- hat 
- crib moccasins 
- swaddle blanket 
- car seat 
- Boppy pillow 

For Mommy & Daddy: 
- robe 
- socks 
- slip on slippers 
- maternity leggings 
- nursing tanks - I have 2 packed 
- lanolin 
- flip flops 
- toiletries - dry shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion 
- Chapstick 
- iPad & charger 
- phones & chargers 
- snacks 

For Greyson:
- clothes 
- pajamas 
- comfort items - he has 2 favorite blankets & always has at least one for bed
- tooth brush & tooth paste 
- a few favorite toys

Most is all packed. Of course, those things we use everyday haven't been packed & will just have to be thrown in when we are heading out for the hospital. 
Just over three weeks until my due date & we're anxiously & impatiently waiting! Ready when you are little miss!  

Any second (or more) time moms have any other hospital bag or general advice? I would love to hear it! I am more prepared for the actual labor this time around but having Greyson & not just us whose lives are changing has me all sorts of nervous!