Red Rocks Canyon

12:44 PM Amanda Greathouse 1 Comments

Weekend adventures are my favorite. I am such a beach person that any given day I'd rather be on the beach. But alas! We live in Colorado. So when we aren't trying to make it though the week & have some time to explore, we head for the mountains! I mean, it's no beach, but it's pretty beautiful! 
Greyson got a new water bottle (because he broke a brand new one earlier this week) & gave him his backpack so he could climb like daddy & off we went. Greyson is fearless & charges straight for the rocks to climb. 
We went during lunch time so luckily we had some squeeze pouches to hold Greyson over & tame the monster. Olivia chilled curiously in my Solly wrap & eyeballed Greysons pouch. I have a feeling baby girl is going to love when we start solids down the road! 
We are still learning how to hike trails with a 3 year old. Believe me, it's not the easiest. But he's learning & listening more each time me go. Love giving him these experiences & enjoying the outdoors with our little family! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I wish we'd had Aria when we lived in Colorado. We loved all the trails and paths. I wish we would have done more while we were there!