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We are frequent visitors of the zoo here in Colorado Springs. It was one of the first things we did when we moved here. And we have gone back several times over the last year, including Boo at the Zoo and the Holiday Lights. Greyson loves the animals and it makes for a great weekend family day. 
Since we go sooo often, we decided it would be the best use of our money to get a membership this year since we now have to pay for Greyson. 2.5 visits & the membership has paid for itself! Greyson has been going to various zoos since he was 4 months old & now Olivia will have the same experiences! 
We love how hands on the Cheyenna Mountain Zoo is. Greyson loves to feed the giant herd of giraffes everytime we go and has discovered his love for petting "kangaroos," which are actually wallaby although he refuses to acknowledge that! 
And he even makes new friends each time. He is not even a little shy when it comes to other kids. He will revel in the sights of his favorite animals & bond with them instantly. If the other kid is lucky, he will ask their name. Otherwise, he says things like "hey, boy! Look at the fish!" 
Of course Olivia has little interest in the zoo currently. But she loves watching Greyson do almost anything, especially his acting like animals. Her favorite is when he pretends to be a leopard! And of course love from mom & dad is pretty cool too!  
We are so excited for all of the zoo visits we get to look forward to this year. It's nice to know we can go & have already paid, making them essentially free days for us. We love picnic lunches & how every visit is different. 

Bring on the summer fun! 

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