Chronic Cold Coffee Syndrome

12:12 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Ugh. Mom problems!

The lack of sleep that comes along with a new baby has gotten much better & is almost gone. Though Greyson does still like to wake up a few times during the night for a little snack in bed with mom!

Problem is - Greyson is wayy active, constantly on the go & wanting to explore everything he can get his little hands on! Gone are the days when I could let him chill while I get things done, such as dishes or his laundry.

Now my day consists of:

Playing in bed in the morning, hiding in the comforter

Watching the boys catch up on football [on the weekends of course]

Grey chowing down some oatmeal as I try to eat my own breakfast

Greyson can now pull himself up on the side of his pack n play onto his knees - he is planning his escape route no doubt

Watching Greyson walk around the living room in his walker, making silly faces

Chasing after him since he thinks he is a dog & must play with their toys & try to eat their food

Dress him up as Batman & make him "fly" 

Cuddle with my boys

And by the end of it all, there sits my coffee.. Cold & untouched by my lips. 

As we can see, I either need to develop something awesome that keeps my coffee hot for hours or I need to learn to multitask & play with the lil dude while I enjoy my hot caffeine! Too bad there isn't a coffee Camelback!