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Man things change - Quickly! I'm not talking the general growth of babies. I mean those things that everyone tells you baby will try to do & struggle & all of a sudden it clicks. Watching it happen is literally mind-blowing!

Greyson has been semi-mobile for a little while now. I say "semi" because his mode of transportation has been to roll everywhere on the floor. We started putting a blanket down, since we don't have carpet, & he spends most of his time off of it. His favorite spot is under our coffee table! Its like his own little baby fort!

"Heyyyy mom!" 

He has been trying to do this swimming like movement to get around for awhile & it wasn't working - mainly because he would flail his arms & legs in the air without touching the ground! While Greg was home on lunch today, he was trying to scoot to us by the kitchen, but it wasn't working, despite his great efforts. 

Seriously, maybe 10 minutes after Greg left, he started putting his arms on the ground & using his feet to push himself & army crawl across the floor. Now he's non-stop! He spent 5 minutes chasing me & my laptop around trying to play with it as I write this! 

Sitting on his own like a big boy

He's working & doing pretty well in my opinion with sitting up on his own! He still topples after a little bit, but its getting longer each day & he's able to play with toys instead of using his arms to brace himself! Hopefully he's a full-on sitter by his 6 month photoshoot! 

Scoot, scoot all around trying to get, you guessed it, the dog toys! He has so many of his own but would much rather crawl & roll around to get the dogs toys I am constantly moving & Dexter is always playing with! Most of the time when he's on the move, that's what he's after! Silly boy! 

In his walker giving us some smiles! 

We got Greyson a walker - nothing fancy, but he can sit in it & he can walk around which he loves doing!  He takes his toys on little tours of the living room & tries to grab everything off the coffee table. It was almost a sad realization the other day that we need to baby proof a little more since he can get to tons of things in our house now! Hellooooo babygates!