4th of July

10:39 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

This year for the 4th of July we found ourselves in a new place with no idea where the fun stuff was!
We recently became friends with our neighbor & she invited us to come over to grill, hang & let the kids play. Greyson is obsessed with her daughter & constantly wants to go over & play with her so he was beyond excited to spend the better part of the day at her house! So we got dressed in our festive red, white & blue and headed down the street!
Our neighbor grilled up a bunch of meat, made a broccoli salad & I brought some mini fruit pizzas and we all hung out! Greg hopped on their trampoline with the kids for quite some time & was probably having more fun than them! And naturally the littlest were equally thrilled about the fruit pizzas! Greyson only really wanted the fruit, of course!
After a long afternoon of trampoline jumping, blueberry eating & chalk drawing, we stopped back home to get Greyson a quick bath before fireworks! He was playing & happy all day - until after the bath! He laid with me on the couch for a little bit, dozed off & when I got up to get dressed for fireworks, he didn't move from the couch.
That isn't Greyson at all! We quickly noticed he was burning up & sure enough, he had a 102 degree temp out of nowhere. So we called our neighbor to cancel our fireworks plans & opted to keep him home & cuddle him instead. We were pretty bummed about missing fireworks this year, but when you're a parent, your kids' health comes first always!

We spent our Sunday very low key, at home, trying to keep Greyson comfortable with his constantly spiking fever. He was crazy upset when he found out he couldn't go play with his friend, but we made it up to him with messy popsicles outside!
It wasn't entirely the 4th of July I had in mind when evening struck, but hey! It was a fun afternoon with family & good friends! Can't ask for much more! There's always next year for fireworks!