It's The Little Things// Making Cupcakes

5:51 PM Amanda Greathouse 1 Comments

I am an avid baker. I love making little treats & pretending like I actually know what I'm doing! And for as long as I can remember, I've wanted Greyson to want to help me and learn how to bake. I've tried several times & he usually just doesn't want to pay attention long enough or stop what is doing to join me. 

Well finally that has changed! I decided to make some cupcakes for our anniversary & Greyson was beyond thrilled to help me! He helped to stir up the mix, put the cupcake liners in the pan & even scooped the batter into all of the liners except the one I did to show him how to do it.

He was such a good listener & little helper this day! I was so surprised & amazed at how well he followed my directions & his awesome batter scooping skills!

I can't wait to be able to bake some more soon! It was such a fun little time & definitely want to make some healthier things that maybe have more ingredients to them to measure & add.
Happy Hump Day! Hope you all have a special little moment with someone you love a ton today!

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  1. oooh you let him scoop into the tins! I'm not that brave haha. But we sure do enjoy baking together around here.