Summer Busket List// Colorado Rockies Game

12:31 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

This past weekend, the Colorado Rockies were having their military appreciation day & we were able to get some really good tickets to the game against the Atlanta Braves here in Denver! It was our first Rockies game and Greg & Greyson's first MLB game ever! Man was it a fun experience!
We grabbed lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends before heading up to Denver so Grey would sleep on the way, parked & rode the shuttle to the stadium!
Our seats were a pretty good view, just 14 rows up from the field along the 1st base line. We had some open seats around us so that was nice & not crazy crowded. Plus, Greyson decided he liked the numbers on all of the seats & for a bit, just walked back & forth counting the seats' numbers.
Of course baseballs games aren't complete without some treats! It was way hot - like 90+ degrees in our sunny seats - so we made sure to keep our water bottle filled & everyone hydrated. And to beat the heat nothing works better than raspberry ice Dippin' Dots! They were so refreshing & Grey of course was beyond excited when we got them!
Grey was pretty cooperative, with only a few instances of being way too hot & cranky. He started talking to everyone around us at the end, telling them nonsensical 2 year old stories! And even tried showing off for a little attention too!
Since it was over an hour from home, we decided to head out during the 7th inning stretch to beat traffic & make it home at a reasonable hour to be able to feed Grey & keep his bedtime schedule somewhat intact.
All in all it was a hot, sunny, fun day for baseball!
We all had a good time & definitely plan to do it again sometime!
Have you been to a professional sports game with kids before? How was it?!