Summer Bucket List// Visit a Waterfall

11:32 AM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

So I had to make another little change to our Summer Bucket List again! I had visit Pikes Peak on the list of things to do, but my doctor advised me to not do any physical activity over 10,000 ft and to not go much higher than that at all. Well, Pikes Peak's summit it over 14,000 ft. which means I am not able to go to the top for now.
So I altered the plans & decided to go see some of the beautiful natural scenery that Colorado Springs has to offer! While my parents were here, we went to see Helen Hunt Falls & Seven Falls, both beautiful parks with amazing waterfalls.
Helen Hunt Falls
We visited Helen Hunt Falls first! I almost didn't take Greyson since I'd never been there, but Greg went with him mom a few weeks ago & said he would do great so I decided to chance it. So glad I did because he did awesome!
Seven Falls
Second was Seven Falls. It was closed for awhile recently due to wildfires destroying the area. But the Broadmoor Hotel here bought it & restored it to its old beauty. They installed an elevator in the mountain to take you to the top or there's stairs that head up the sides to get you there as well. With Greyson, we chose to ride the elevator & see the falls from the top!
They even have a trout stream & fish food you can buy to feed the fish. We grabbed some & let Greyson try to feed the trout. They weren't really out & about while we were there, but he loved throwing the food & yelling for the fish to come eat.
The two places were pretty different yet both beautiful! They should definitely be a go-to place for anyone who visits Colorado Springs! I want to plan to go back again and maybe tackle those steps to the top & go even further up Helen Hunt Falls!