Summer Bucket List// The Zoo

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Part of our Summer Bucket List this year was to go to the zoo! We've already been to the zoo but we loved it so much & there was some parts we didn't get to see or experience so another trip was still fun! We took my mother in law while she was here recently. 
We ended up getting some lettuce at the giraffe exhibit so we could feed them this time! It was pretty busy last time so we skipped it so it was fun to do it this time. The giraffes love people & their tongues are so long & strong! Greyson tried it a few times but the giraffes are big & in your face so he got a little shy! 

Even though he didn't love feeding them, they came up pretty close still and Grey stuck his arm through the poles. He got so excited & was telling us "I'm touching him!" It was so cute! 

And this time the Australia area of the zoo was open. The wallabies roam the area freely so you can walk right up to them & if you're brave, pet them. Grey took the route of a ride on daddy's shoulders but it was still fun to see some new animals. 

Grey has an obsession with hippos too! He had a strong grasp on the bars & was trying to pull himself into the exhibit. He really wanted to go swimming with the hippo in his little pool & he was disappointed when we wouldn't throw him in! 

All in all, it was a long, but good day! We love the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo so much & plan to keep going back during different seasons and events. 
We're a little behind on our summer bucket list due to busy schedules but with a few more weeks, we're hoping to be able to knock as much of the rest of it out. 

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  1. oh I didn't know about the free range wallaby's! That is fun. We never made it to that zoo while in CO, we always went to the Denver one. I think they were opening up an elephant bridge thing last time we were there eons ago.