Life Lately// iPhone edition

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Man has life gotten the best of me lately! With working more, a 4-week intensive summer class & Greyson's change to requiring us to sit with him for no less than an hour reading books & performing endless charades before finally falling asleep, I've been exhausted by the end of the day. And honestly haven't taken the time to share anything we've been up to. 
So here is a little photo dump from my phone that chronicles a little bit of our happenings lately! 
We bought a little inflatable pool that Grey is obsessed with & has started laying on the side like a goober! 
Cool days call for Where The Wild Things Are hoodies! And stealing moms rice cakes! Greyson is obsessed with having his picture taken - I'm sure it's not because he's used to it being taken soo often - and wants to "take a pit-cher" anytime he sees my phone! 
We had a lovely time hanging with our neighbors a few weekends ago! We had delicious food & played some corn hole while the kiddos played on their trampoline & inflatable bouncy house. And of course no summer get together is complete without s'mores & sparklers! We tried the plastic cup trick to protect the kids' hands from the sparklers & it really did work well. Greyson was crazy amazed by them, having never seen them before let alone held one. It's so fun to see the excitement of little things in your child's eyes. 
We finally got around to hanging out second set of curtains in our living room & since Daddy was using a drill, Greyson had to as well. He even helped & drilled the window a bit. And he learned the joys of a good couch pillow fort! He would hide & pop out at us very proud of himself. 
My parents visited recently & we did some exploring, including seeing Helen Hunt Falls. This guy is crazy brave & was thisclose to giving me a heart attack with his gung-ho attitude & wanting to climb on everything. 
And we re-visited the zoo again! Greyson loves the giraffes so much he was trying to shove his face in their exhibit & was calling for them. I even heard him screaming "giraffes! I love you!!!" at them. And rode on a carousel for the very first time. He wasn't sure if it at first, but as you can tell from his faced he warmed up to it quickly & was saying "woo! Horsey go up!" 

There's a little of what we've been up to recently. I have a ton more to share & plan hope to get around to it this weekend! 

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start!