Here We Go Again

7:25 PM Amanda Greathouse 2 Comments

It's about time to let out the secret we've been keeping for awhile now...
Yep! Another February baby! This one is due at the end of the month & if he/she comes late like big brother did, we will have a March baby on our hands! It's going to be a crazy, busy, birthday filled 2 months for us with both mine & Greyson's birthdays already in February & Greg's in mid-March! But we are beyond excited regardless of the chaos heading our way!
And the very first belly picture!

How far along: 13 weeks [in the picture, 13.5 now!]
Gender: Won't find out until our 20 week ultrasound, but definitely excited to know!
Weight gain: About 1.5 lbs, although it feels like so much more!
Maternity clothes: I bought a new pair of maternity leggings that I'm already in love with & wear all the time! I'll wear a few shirts here & there, but mostly just my normal clothes still
Stretch marks: Hoping for none again this round!
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Eh! I broke down & bought a pregnancy pillow the other day to help! I can't seem to get or stay comfortable & it's helping a lot most nights
Best moment this week: Doctor's appointment yesterday & getting to hear the little baby's heartbeat! So reassuring!
Worst moment this week: Every morning! I'm still nauseous every morning before work so I end up feeling terrible all morning. Ready for it to be over
Miss anything: Strawberry margaritas! And my appetite honestly! I haven't really wanted to eat much of anything lately & my energy! It's like I'm 80!
Movement: Nothing yet. I've heard you are more likely to feel movement sooner the second time around, so hoping for it soon!
Cravings: My appetite is slowly coming back. Fruit is something I'm loving no matter how I feel & I have a sweet tooth quite often. And oddly enough Arby's roast beef sandwiches & their curly fries drenched with Arby's sauce! ha
Queasy or sick: Yep! Every morning still! Not so fun! Doctor said most women are over it by 10 weeks & if not, then by 14 weeks so fingers crossed it's over sooon!  
Looking forward to: Cool weather with Fall on the horizon & finding out the gender! Already have a names list started & ideas gathered for nursery ideas!
That's the first update! So excited for everything to come & definitely plan on sharing! This is part of the "life" that's happened lately & kept me busy & tired! But that's getting better too so I should have more time & energy to do all the blogging I've had on the back burner!
Happy Hump Day [Bump Day]!




  1. Love the Starbucks announcement pic =) And the bump!!! So exciting. Congrats on #2!

  2. What a fun announcement idea :)! Congrats, lady!