Summer Bucket List// Drive-In Movie

10:43 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

So thanks to life, I ended up changing our intended Summer Bucket list a little bit. I had originally planned to go camping, but with too little time & Greg hurting his ankle making walking & such difficult, it didn't seem like a good idea anymore.
I'd been wanting to take Greyson to see a movie & with the Minion Movie coming out this summer, it was almost too perfect! This guy is obsessed with the Minions! I grew up going to the Drive-In every summer so when I found one close by, we made plans & headed out on a Saturday night for Greyson's first movie at the drive-in.
We stopped at Target on the way & I spotted this cute Minion face baseball tee & of course Grey needed it! You can't watch Minions without a matching shirt! He was so excited when we got it on him & he had a giant smile nonstop, pointing to his shirt yelling "It's da Minion!"
We took lots of blankets & a few chairs to sit in, but mine ended up breaking since it was an older, cheap chair. So we moved into the back of the SUV with our warm blankets & yummy movie snacks. Greyson got to run around a little bit & make silly faces with other kids.
No drive-in is complete without playing with daddy! And naturally we snuck in a little treat - Peanut Butter M&Ms! His face when we shared them with him was priceless!
It was a fun night for all of us! Greyson hung out & watched most of the movie with us. His favorite parts were the ones with the Minions running around being silly! He had a short time where he was so tired & just wanted to run around, but we eventually lured him back in to cuddle & sit. No surprise he passed out 5 minutes into the drive home!
Definitely plan to go again next year!