It's The Little Things// Parent Day at School

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So the CDC does a Parent Involvement Day every month for the kids. The parents are invited to do some activity with them & just spend time in their school environment. I've only been to a few just because I sometimes do not find out about them until it's too late & end up having to work during it. 

But this month, I found out early & was able to request to work in the morning so I was off with plenty of time to go hang out with my little guy! Cookies, apple cider & a pumpkin hunt! They had me at the cider! 

So the kids & parents enjoyed some cookies with apple cider for their snack time. Greyson chose chocolate chip but spent the whole time licking off the homemade cream cheese frosting instead of eating the cookie. 
And after snack, everyone headed outside to the playground where the teachers & staff had scattered a bunch of little pumpkins all over for the kids to pick out. Everyone was allowed 2 pumpkins & of course Greyson grabbed the first 2 he saw & was ready to go! I managed to convince him to "hunt" for more just because he loves pumpkins. 
And of course his sweet teacher took a picture of us to show off one of our pumpkins! 

It was such a fun afternoon activity with him. I miss the days when we were home together all day & I could do things like this whenever we felt like. So I try as hard as I can to make it to anything he has going on so I don't miss out on fun stuff, since work & school keep pulling me in separate directions & keep me occupied so much. 

So off to enjoy this Sunday Funday watching the Browns play & trying to work on a paper due later this week! 

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you could fix work so you could go to this! It is nice when you can makes things like that happen. I love the pumpkin hunt, I may steal that.