Pumpkin Patch 2015

3:16 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

We decided to finally head to a pumpkin farm over the weekend! I made some plans with our neighbor friends & their sweet little girl who Greyson loves & we set out! It didn't look the nicest from outside of it honestly, but the kids had fun getting to do everything!
Plus my lovely friend Brooke is a very good photographer & she captured some lovely pictures of Greyson & a few with me while we were there!

There was a big tin thing full of corn kernels for people to get in. Greyson was very unsure at first & kept telling me his feet were dirty. But once he realized he could mess with it like sand, he was throwing it around like it was a party!
And this thing! Oh man! It was this huge pillow bouncing thing. Tons of people were on it so of course the kids wanted to try but with adults & big kids jumping, it was very hard to stand. The little ones were pretty scared once we got up there. But I got cute hugging pictures out of it, so win!
And no trip to the pumpkin farm is complete without a few pumpkins and pictures picking them! The kids wondered around wanting to take every pumpkin home, but we ultimately settled on 2 [which I had to carry most of the way, no help from Greyson!]
It was a fun little day that ended up way hotter than we planned, based on how we dressed for the occasion! But nonetheless, a perfectly basic visit to a pumpkin farm to kick-off our fall activities. I reallllly hope I can step it back up this year & keep up with all of my fun plans. I have a compilation of fall d├ęcor & activities coming very soon... I hope!
Very excited this week has flown by & that the weekend is right around the corner again!