Greyson's Big Boy Room// Progress & Inspirations

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I have known that I wanted to change up Greyson's room from the moment we moved here. Probably even before that. I was over the monkey theme thing he had going on & wanted to make his room so that it could grow with him as he gets older.
The first step was to change out some furniture for bigger pieces, & get rid of the baby toys that were still laying around. We bought a twin sized bed from someone for cheap. However, it was a light wood & all of his furniture is dark, almost black. So Greg spent an entire weekend sanding it down & re-staining it [thanks to our neighbors who let us borrow their electric sander so he didn't have to do it the long, slow way].
With the new bed frame came a new mattress, sheets & comforter. We went pretty simple & cheap with it as both the sheet set & comforter are from Ikea. But that comforter is totally soft - I love laying on it to put him to bed!
And of course we finally got him curtains. I didn't really have black ones in mind, but when we set out to buy them, Target only had the long black ones in the black-out curtains so we went with it. They totally work well for keeping his room dark, which also keeps it cool since his room is on the warmer, sunny East side of the house.
 Around his bed is probably my least favorite right now since it's bare still. I am working on finding stuff for the walls & to spruce it up, but am being super picky & just can't find exactly what I've been looking for.

I have thought a lot about what to decorate his room with & finally decided on cars! Not the cartoon movie, but actual cars. He is obsessed with them so I figure it's a good idea. I don't plan to go crazy with it. I'm kind of a minimalist in some aspects when it comes to decorating - I want it to look good & not just be overcrowded with stuff.
So here is a bit of my inspiration that I've found to pull aspects of for Grey's room!

I love the vintage car displayed on the shelf & the use of old license plates for wall d├ęcor.
Traffic Light Lamp - such a fun little addition to a side table or dresser!
Magnetic Strip Car Storage - I really like this as opposed to shelving right now because while neatly organized shelves look awesome, it's unrealistic with a toddler. These magnetic strips are easy for him to use & get the cars up off the floor!
Lego Side Table - How fun! I've been wanting to make this for awhile since I first saw it! Greyson already has this table in his room so it's a simple & awesome DIY! Plus, the little road made on the extra part of the table is perfect for a car-loving little boy!
There are some of the ideas & inspirations I've been drawing from for Greyson's room. I have been seeking out the best places to get everything for the best price. I definitely hope to have his room put together sooner than later!
Happy Hump Day!

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