Life Lately// Pics from My iPhone

10:27 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Man life is flying right by us! We are less than a week away from October & I couldn't be more surprised or excited! 
I love fall so much & am beyond ready to put this hot summer Colorado weather behind us! 
I've been so terrible with sharing updates & post lately. I have so many started & then pregnancy brain has made me forget I even started them! Not to mention school is picking up every week so I have more & more to do!
So here is a little photo dump from my phone about what we've been up to recently! 
Greyson loves the automatic door that connects the BX & commissary here. Every time we are inside of either one he insists on running to it to open it over & over! 
His hair was out of control obviously! But nonetheless, he is super playful & using his imagination like crazy! The things he comes up with show me every day how smart he is & just how fast he's growing up! 
He is obsessed with books & has easily 15-20 books memorized so he reads them to us! And he found some old bottles the other day & was beyond excited to tell me how they're for baby! 

We clearly love the zoo as we just went for the 4th time in just a couple of month! Greyson loves the animals & is more excited each time when he gets to interact with them. I couldn't get a video, but he was beyond crazy over the giraffes when they'd touch his hand! And he got to feed birds & have a few sit on his little stick! 

So that's life these days! With all the fun of fall right around the corner, I have some good stuff planned! And of course have weeks of belly updates to get around to sharing! 

Happy Sunday funday!