18 weeks

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I'm so behind on sharing the bump pictures this time around! Oh man! The weeks are just flying by!
How far along: 18 weeks
Gender: Anatomy scan is set for October 20! Anxiously waiting!
Weight gain: 6 lbs
Maternity clothes: always! Still haven't found pants for work, but otherwise comfy clothes are in full swing!
Stretch marks: Not yet! & hopefully none at all!
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: It's gotten better with the cool weather but weird dreams have started so I wake up a lot super confused! ha
Best moment this week: Started definitely feeling movement this week! I was sort of in denial but it can't be mistaken!
Worst moment this week: Pregnancy allergies are the worst!
Miss anything: Adult beverages mostly! And sleeping through the night
Movement: Yep! It's not a ton yet, but it's for sure there! Very reassuring!
Cravings: Apples all the time! I make a spiced apple cider basically every day at work! And pumpkin everything! So happy fall flavors are out everywhere!
Queasy or sick: Not really any more, thank goodness! It finally died down. I get a little sick if I don't eat soon enough after waking up, but that's just me in general.
Looking forward to: The anatomy scan so we can know everything is looking good & what this little baby is! And deciding on a name finally! We have a list but it's sort of stalled right now
And here were 16 & 17 weeks that I totally didn't make chalkboards for! Oops! #pregnancymakesmeaslacker

Happy weekend world!