15 Weeks

10:07 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

Happy Sunday everyone!
How far along: 15 weeks
Gender: Won't find out until our 20 week ultrasound, but definitely excited to know!
Weight gain: Not sure! Hoping it's not too much!
Maternity clothes: yep! I live in the black tank & leggings I have on in the picture & have definitely graduated to maternity jeans or using the BellaBand with any other pants. Have to invest in maternity work pants for sure asap!
Stretch marks: Hoping for none again this round! Been using stretch mark cream so fingers crossed it works well!
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Better-ish. I wake up a lot having to pee or adjust because I am not a side sleeper so I get uncomfortable, but the Snoogle pillow definitely helps
Best moment this week: Just comparing bumps with when I was pregnant with Greyson! Nothing really exciting on the baby front happened this week
Worst moment this week: Just been exhausted from working tons & being back in classes
Miss anything: Wine! Sad, but true! Some nights it could really help! And my energy, like usual!
Movement: Nothing yet. I've heard you are more likely to feel movement sooner the second time around, so hoping for it soon!
Cravings: My appetite is pretty much back, which is so nice! Not having such aversions like I had been. Definitely loving apple everything right now & have a major sweet tooth! I definitely yelled to Greg that we need warm apple pie & ice cream!
Queasy or sick: Not really any more, thank goodness! It finally died down. I get a little sick if I don't eat soon enough after waking up, but that's just me in general.
Looking forward to: My appointment in 2 weeks & the anatomy scan! So ready to know what this little one is so I can start buying goodies!
Finally feeling more like myself now, which is so nice! Greyson has become obsessed with babies, always pointing them out especially if they're crying. My little bump is definitely bigger than this point with Greyson. Crazy how everything happens earlier each time around!
Hope everyone is having a good Labor Day weekend! We have been pretty chill around here this weekend, which we all have needed! Tomorrow will be our adventure to the Colorado State Fair which I'm sure will not disappoint! Excited for fair food & taking Grey on some small rides. And of course fair food!