Bump Update!

3:02 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I have not done a stellar job keeping track of this pregnancy. Poor Little Miss is already getting the shaft & she isn't even here yet! I just get busy & preoccupied & completely forget when Friday rolls around.
Here are a few mirror selfies I have managed to take over the last few weeks! Just shows the bump & how it has grown! 

How far along: 33 weeks & 4 days 

Gender: Girl!
Weight gain: About 24 pounds 
Maternity clothes: Of course! Leggings all day everyday! haha 
Stretch marks: Not yet! & hopefully none at all!
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Oh, like, not really much at all! I am up several times a night to pee & adjust in bed to get comfortable. & then I lay there imaging what it is going to be like when she's here & get too excited to sleep
Best moment this week: Getting the dresser up to her room & finishing the baby registry 
Worst moment this week: heartburn is so intense these days! 
Miss anything: Margaritas! Ha I have already asked for one for my birthday, or as soon as she's here whichever is second! 
Movement: All the time! She's a little ninja for sure! 
Cravings: Granola, bananas, fruity things, brownies..
Queasy or sick: Not really any more!
Looking forward to: Finishing the wall decor I have started for her room & get everything hung or washed & put away