Our first NBA Game// Cavs vs Nuggets

4:50 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I found out before the start of the NBA season that the Cleveland Cavs were playing the Denver Nuggets right here in Denver on December 29. I had a plan in place for awhile & had to cleverly navigate Greg saying we should get tickets to the game. Luckily, he forgot & didn't really pay attention to when they were playing & I was able to fulfill my plan - tickets for him for Christmas! 

Some friends of ours watched Greyson for us & we were able to get dinner before the game at Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Company, which was delicious. 
When I bough the tickets, they were these Flashseat tickets, which basically attaches your tickets to your credit card that you pay with. So they just swipe your card at the arena & print out your tickets there. A slight error in their system resulted in them printing tickets for the wrong seats, which we found out when the real ticket holders arrived & told us we needed to go to Guest Relations. 
We got to see the players come in & the tip off from the much better seats, which was pretty cool! 
It was fun to be surrounded by a bunch of Cavs fans, despite being in Denver. Of course, most people are LeBron fans, but still fun nontheless! 
I am not a basketball person by any means. Greg watches it & I usually find something else to do. But it was such a fun game! Much warmer than the NFL game & of course it didn't hurt to be rooting for the winning team! A final score of 87-93 brought our fun night to a close! 

We don't get many nights to ourselves & this was definitely a great one! I think we will be trying to go to another Cavs game at some point, hopefully back in Cleveland next time! I'm sure they're even more energetic & exciting than on the road games.