Greyson's Big Boy Room - Progress

12:43 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I have finally made some much needed progress on Greyson's room. I have been so focused on work, school, & getting things ready for Little Miss that I have put off decorating Greyson's room for far longer than I had hoped I would. 
I found some wall decor awhile ago & it has been sitting on his dresser, collecting dust like a champ, just waiting to be hung. Well this long, 3-day weekend was great for making a To-Do list & making ourselves get to everything done that we've been putting off [aka huge pile of laundry].

Greyson used to have a chair in his room but never sat it in, until we brought it downstairs. So we left it down there and I added some big stuffed animals in his book corner to make a little reading area for his books. I actually need to get another shelf because he has way too many books now to fit on the 3 we have. 
I have had a car decor theme in mind for awhile. Greyson is obsessed with all sorts of vehicles, so it only seems natural to decorate his room with car things. I found some signs & wall art at Hobby Lobby [50% off - score!]. I re-painted the letters we had hanging on his wall in his German room & threw in some old license plates I've held onto from places we've lived before. 

I still have a bit more I want to do. The blank canvas will eventually have a car of some sort on it once I decide on what I want. Plus, I am trying to gather more license plates to add to the wall, the more the merrier. Also, I am thinking of getting a floating shelf to add some decorative cars as well, but I worry he will just end up wanting to play with them & they won't stay on the shelf long. 

Now to get ready to jump back into the grind with Monday just around the corner. Lots of new things starting & obviously coming up in the near future! And of course plenty to still do before our world changes forever in just 5-ish short weeks!