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A little update on life lately as its been in the Greathouse home! 
Mr. Greyson has an imagination that just loves to run wild. He is constantly copying things that are far beyond his years. & he comes up with the silliest things to say out of nowhere! 
Oh & he's been super interested in dressing himself recently. Although he insists most of the time that we do it, he picks out his outfits. Favorites usually include either a car, truck or sports. And of course "ginger man socks!" 
Slowly making progress on the nursery. Baby girl is slowly acquiring clothes & has a million accessories of course! I've grabbed some headbands & bows here & there and some I've made myself from old shirts. My obsession with baby shoes is real! 
And finally started hanging a few things on the walls! This print is an old one I've had for years that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight." It matches her room perfectly & adds a great touch above her bed. And can't forget the wood banner from Target that I'm obsessed with! I made the pillow cover in the crib that says "Hello Beautiful" and the others are also from Target, what a surprise! 
I have an adorable set up for a gallery wall planned for each her room & Greysons that are awaiting being hung. 
Less than 6 weeks until my due date & can't believe we're getting so close already! Better get on finishing my to-do list asap!