Car Wash

9:53 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

We finally have a house with a big driveway that we can use to wash our cars at home! 
Greg is obsessed with his car & keeping it clean, so this should help not having to constantly go to the car wash! Plus, it's a fun excuse to play in water when it's warm & sunny! 
We got his car out & tried to get him to wash it, but he was only interested in pushing it down the driveway (while picking a wedgie ha)! But he loves doing that & always gives killer smiles! 
He wanted nothing to do with the hose, but he was all about the spray bottles daddy had lined up to use. He spent so much time trying to spray them, but they were "off" of course. 
I definitely want to set up a little car wash for his little vehicles sometime this summer! It would be such a fun, pretend play activity! 

Happy Monday everyone!