Friday Favorites

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It's finally Friday! Yay for the weekend & lots of time to do all the fun stuff we don't have time to do on the weekend. They never seem long enough these days & while I know they should re-charge me, I always hate when Monday shows it's face!

But enough about Monday! Friday is a good day to just round out the week & collect all of our plans for the weekend & reflect on the stuff I have been loving these days!

Oh my goodness, it's so delicious! I am not a salad person by any means! I actively avoid it & hate the ingredients of most salads. But this one incorporates a lot of things that I like & gives me a way to get some green veggies in. I usually substitute fresh spinach for the romaine lettuce, but either way is good! I eat it almost every day & have even made it with steak as well! Yumm! Perfect, easy little summer dish!

These High Gladiator Sandals have caught me eye more than once!

This knee high gladiator sandals are so fun! They are so edgy and would be so cute with some jean shorts or a fun skirt. I have a pair of ankle gladiator sandals that I wear all the time & have been dying to get a taller pair for some versatility. These are going in my shopping cart [finally] this weekend!

Summer Margaritas are on the rise with the warmer weather & I am ready to get in on that action!
Sweet summertime calls for yummy cocktails outside on the patio, hanging by the grill, with good friends! And I love a good margarita. The ones with fresh fruit are my favorites! They just have so much flavor compared to a simple one that just uses syrup. This Blackberry Lime Margarita looks delicious! We will be trying it this weekend for sure!

After a rough end to the week, I am excited to chill & enjoy the hot weekend we have headed for us - 90 degree weather, seriously?! We shall be visiting the pool &/or splash pad! And conquering all that fun with bright pink neon nails!
Thank god it's Friday!
Happy weekending!

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