Summer Bucket List

5:12 PM Amanda Greathouse 1 Comments

So with summer officially starting this weekend, I figured it was about time to start planning our fun activities for the season! Last year we made a summer bucket list for all of the things we wanted to do while we had lots of warm weather & sunshine! And it was so much fun I decided we should do it again!
It's a fun way to keep track of the things we want to do & what still needs to be done so we don't lose out on the fun by forgetting it! Plus, it's just fun to share our adventures!

Here is our list for 2015:
Go to the splash pad
Visit Pikes Peak
Go to an Colorado Rockies game
Make popsicles
Go to a new zoo
Chase down the ice cream truck
Have a picnic in the park
Go see fireworks
Check out a local festival
Make sidewalk chalk art
Go camping
Have a water balloon fight
With Greyson being older this year, there are so many more options of fun stuff to do! I'm especially excited for the new, unique to Colorado things we have planned, like our first Rockies game & visiting Pikes Peak.

What will you be doing this summer?

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  1. Colorado is such a fun place to live! SO many things to do. We barely saw anything while we were there for four years. Have fun with your summer list!