Weekend Fun

10:04 PM Amanda Greathouse 0 Comments

I love the weekend and always hate to see them go! I appreciate them so much more now that I have a job! And living in a new place, we are trying to take advantage of seeing new places & doing new things! 
Friday night I got a Mommy's night out & the boys had a boys night in! I went to see a local comedy show about the ridiculous things that happen in parenthood: The Pump & Dump Show. It was hilariously inappropriate and incredibly funny! It was such a fun night with a new friend! And I found Grey sleeping hard on the floor when I snuck in to give him a kiss! 
Saturday morning was for donuts! I'd been told about Amy's Donuts, a delicious little donut shop that everyone raves about, and it was the perfect morning to try them out! They make all kinds of crazy donuts. We got a random assortment of 6 donuts & not a single one disappointed! 
Late in the morning we headed to a local farmers market in Old Colorado City. It was a quaint little area and a beautiful day to walk around! We grabbed some fruit & jam and got to try some various samples!
And we finished off the night hanging out on the front porch with some juice (spiked for mommy). A cool breeze came through and it was a refreshing, cool night with a rain shower that rolled in! It was perfect to hang out & read outside! 
Sunday was chill and spent mostly at home! We got an early wake up call from this little bed-head monster! A Target run is almost always necessary & we managed to exchange our defective grill for a new one. And I finally worked more in re-finishing the coffee table I started. Found out the hard way the stain will soak through the rags & stain your hands black! Oops! But it's turning out well & already want to DIY some more!
It was a good weekend for sure! A good weekend always gives me a case of the Mondays! Already ready for the fun we cook up this weekend! 

Happy Tuesday everyone!