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With warm weather & the time to start checking off things on our summer bucket list here, I have been thinking about my summers & my favorite things to do. I really try to take advantage of the new places I've lived over the last many summers & try things I haven't gotten to yet.
But sometimes, the classics really can be the best activities! So here are a few things that I do every summer, no matter where I live!
{Get Ice Cream at a local shop}
I'm not a sweets person & really only like ice cream in small amounts, but I can't help but divulge & get a yummy ice cream at least once every summer! Its especially fun when there are extra fun flavors apart from the plain vanilla & chocolate.
{Go to a zoo}
 This was Greyson's first trip to the zoo in Heidelberg! I've been a regular zoo-goer since I was younger so it's been something I've looked forward to doing with Greyson each summer now. It's fun to share a tradition of mine growing up with him & foster his love for animals. He has definitely gotten more & more interested in the animals each time we go.
{Go Swimming}
We are no strangers to the water! We have always lived places where we have close access to water. We used to spend the weekends at the beach when we lived in Charleston & have had to resort to a pool or small lake these last few years being landlocked. But the cool, refreshing water is such a treat on hot days & we like to take a small lunch & enjoy as much of the day just playing in the water!

  {Watch Fireworks}
Another favorite family event is watching fireworks! Its always a fun time & a tradition to celebrate Independence Day together! I am already researching good places around the Springs to watch fireworks from this year & am crazy excited!
There you have it! My favorite summer activities that we plan to do every year & will continue doing so as Greyson keeps growing! I hope to instill a love of fun, summer traditions in him that he will look forward to doing each year as well!
What are some of your favorite summer activities that you do every year?! I would love to hear!

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  1. That is fun that you do these no matter where you are. I don't think we have a single summer tradition, unless you count me staying in the AC as much as humanly possible a tradition.