Toddlers Unfiltered

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Ah we all do it! We take pictures of our kids being adorable & cooperative, giving cute little smiles. We share those pictures with others & make everyone smile. But what about the ones that look adorable, yet they are capturing something maybe untold to the viewer?
I'm completely guilt of it! I take so many pictures of Greyson & maybe leave out some of the crazy details about what was actually happening in that picture when it was taken.
So I decided to share some pictures & the real story behind them as can be seen on my iPhone!

 Okay, so this one is obvious that he was being outrageous! He decided the inside of the box looked like a good place to try to sit & definitely got stuck! Don't worry, he wasn't in there long!
Aw little boy eating strawberries, right? No. He stole the package & proceeded to take one bite out of each strawberry.. Touche!

This is the adorable little smile of a boy who has learned to take selfies of himself on mommy's phone, which he isn't supposed to have! He snuck it while I wasn't paying attention & captured his own messy face red handed!

 While this looks like a cute picture of him just lounging at Lowes, in reality, he was refusing to walk or sit in the cart & kept running away to the swings & patio furniture to post himself up!
 I draw your attention to the dirty windows & books on the floor, courtesy of the tantrum thrown just minutes before this calm looking scene!
And my gardening gloves that he wanted to wear to play basketball. Apparently they help him handle the ball better! But he was refusing to give them back for weed pulling purposes!
And last but not least is mommy's little helper. Of course, he was really pouring out the spices on the counter & chair, which he pulled into the kitchen & climbed up on, and spreading it around everywhere! Our counters so a nice job concealing all the Savory it is sprinkled with here!
So there ya have it! Some unfiltered pictures of my little silly guy! He is a frequent trouble maker, but man is he cute while doing so!
Do you share the pretty pictures & conceal the chaos too?!