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Finally it's Friday! Let the weekend fun begin! It's going to be another hot weekend here in the Springs so we very well may just end up at the pool a bunch to have some cool, water fun!
But first, here are a few things I'm loving this Friday!
I actually got mine last year during their end of summer clearance & frequently sported it with a cardigan throughout the fall, but I'm really loving it this summer! It's such a comfy fit & still soft like when I first bought it! The color of mine has faded a bit so it's more of a charcoal grey than black, but that just makes me love it even more! I pair mine with some cute shorts & gladiator sandals all the time! #allgreyeverything
Red Moccasins
I love the moccasins! Can't help it! Grey has the neon green ones & has worn them so much they have holes in them! And we keep discussing getting him another pair & we have this weakness for red shoes! These red moccs would be perfect for 4th of July to spruce up a festive outfit & would even carry into the fall very well!
Greyson singing!
Little mister has been a singing machine lately & I just melt every time he sings me a song. He learns them mostly at school & will break out it one randomly, usually in the car [like mommy]. Here is one of my favorites -

I hope everyone is having a good Friday & looking forward to the weekend!
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  1. Yes to all the moccasins!! We are also obsessed with them. Mim has 4 pairs currently in her rotation and she's wearing through them fast. She LOVES them. They are the only shoes she'll leave on her feet. And we get compliments everywhere!