Hump Day Thoughts

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Since starting work, I don't spend nearly as much time with Greyson. He is at daycare during the day & I'm at work before he's even up for the day. It's been something we knew was going to happen & I was mentally, though not entirely emotionally, prepared for. 
I know it is a great thing for him! He gets to play with other kids all day, branch out & interact with new people, and learn new things. And I get to go back to school for my Masters, get a job I can love, and give us each some independence. 
It has been going well! I do miss him like crazy everyday & can't wait to pick him up! I melt when he sees me at the end of his school day & screams mommy as he runs & barrels into me with a giant hug. It helps solidify what I know - he does love me & still needs me, even if he isn't with me to rely on solely anymore. I'm sure it's something every mom who got the chance to stay home feels at some point & I feel myself still battling those feelings. 
We will have weekends for love fests & on the days I don't work during the week, we get a little mommy & Greyson breakfast sesh! It's still one of my favorite things! He's usually in such a good mood in the mornings so we get to chat & sing songs, read a few books, and we have a small breakfast together. And of course we have photoshoots with blueberries & bagels!
 In some ways, he's such a different kid that before he was in daycare! But then he's somehow the same smart little love bug! One thing is for sure - he still loves mommy & daddy! 

Those are my hump day thoughts today as I enjoy a coffee I brought from work with the little bit of sunshine hanging around before the inevitable daily shower before I pick up my favorite little Monster! 

Happy Hump Day! 

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  1. I don't have personal experience, but I can just imagine how conflicting those feelings are when you leave your kid in somebody else's care. It is good for all sorts of reasons but you still miss em!